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Form Letter to Fellow Students
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (U.S.)
Place Written
Atlanta, Ga.
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Handwritten -- other than author's hand
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (U.S.)
Document ID
Document Date
Type of Writing
Handwritten -- other than author's hand
Document Type
Cal. 5
Place Written
Atlanta, Ga.
Document Length
1 p.
Document Note
Marginal comments by King.
Edmonds, Quinton [Jackson. Office of the Mayor]
Ellington, Bufford [Tennessee. Office of the Governor]
Jackson. Office of the Mayor
Tennessee. Office of the Governor
Lane College (Jackson, Tenn.)
Jackson, Tenn.
Nashville, Tenn.
Student movements
Support correspondence
Code for Location of Original
Location of Original
Martin Luther King, Jr., Papers, 1954-1968, Boston University, Boston, Mass.
Location of Original - Detail
Box 68, folder 2,3,4
Copy Location (1)
MLKPP, Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project, Stanford University, Stanford, Calif.
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5/28/1993 12:00:00 AM
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3/22/2010 9:58:05 AM
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''The Student Voice'' 2, no. 3
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (U.S.)
Place Written
Atlanta, Ga.
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Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (U.S.)
Document ID
Document Date
Type of Writing
Document Type
Place Written
Atlanta, Ga.
Document Length
8 pp.
Nesmith, Richard [MacMurray College (Jacksonville, Ill.)]
King, R. Edwin [Boston University (Boston, Mass.)]
Watts, Marzette
Embry, Elroy
Cole, Bessie
Richburg, James
Young, Aner R.
Seay, S. S. (Solomon Snowden)
Dubose, Robert E.
Tuggle, J. L. [Atlanta (Ga.). Police Dept.]
Borders, William Holmes
Walden, A. T. (Austin Thomas)
King, Martin Luther
Johnson, Leroy R.
Williamson. Q. V.
Hill, Jesse
Yancey, Johnnie
Moss, Otis
Clement, Rufus E.
King, Lonnie C.
Hunter, Charlayne
Holmes, Hamilton
Sullivan, Herschelle
Maclean, Malcom [Savannah (Ga.). Office of the Mayor]
Holmes, Oliver W.
Charles, Ray
Parmater, Frank J. [Elkhart (Ind.). Office of the Mayor]
Combs, Bert T. [Kentucky. Office of the Governor]
Hoblitzell, Bruce [Louisville (Ky.). Office of the Mayor]
Baker, Abraham [Glen Echo Amusement Park (Glen Echo, Md.)]
Baker, Sam [Glen Echo Amusement Park (Glen Echo, Md.)]
Freeman, Frankie M. [United States. Commission on Civil Rights]
Hughley, J. Neal
McDole, Robert
Luper, Clara
Nash, Diane [Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (U.S.)]
Smith, Ruby D. [Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (U.S.)]
Sherrod, Charles [Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (U.S.)]
Jones, Charles C. [Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (U.S.)]
Ivory, C. A.
McDew, Charles [Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (U.S.)]
Ricks, Willie
Williams, James F.
Stearns, Eldrewey J. [Progressive Youth Association (Houston, Texas)]
Berrard, Clarence
Labastrie, Ronald P.
Ferrell, Robert C.
Dunson, Margie S.
Thorton, Virginius
Thornton, Lucy
King, David
Carmon, Nathaniel
Benjamin, Arnold
Douglas, James
James, Hulbert
Reeves, Claudette
Bassom, Mary
Vaughan, Carol
Monroe, Albert
Morris, James
Spencer, Amanda [Leggett's Department Store (Lynchburg, Va.)]
Chambers, Edith [Leggett's Department Store (Lynchburg, Va.)]
Long, Rosiland
Long, Milton
Long, Cecelia
Poindexter, Eula
Poindexter, Darlene
James, Charles
James, Judith
Wilkinson, Nadine
Wilkinson, Cassandra
Cotton, Dorothy F. [Southern Christian Leadership Conference]
Carey, Gordon R. [Congress of Racial Equality]
Jenkins, Timothy [United States National Student Association]
United Nations
United States. District Court (Alabama : Southern District)
Alabama. Court of Appeals
Regal Cafe (Montgomery, Ala.)
MacMurray College (Jacksonville, Ill.)
Boston University (Boston, Mass.)
George Washington University (Washington, D.C.)
Marshall Hall Amusement Park (Washington, D.C.)
Baltimore Orioles (Baseball team)
Miami Stadium (Miami, Fla.)
Vero Beach Dodgers (Baseball team)
Dodgertown (Vero Beach, Fla.)
Al Lang Field (St. Petersburg, Fla.)
New York Yankees (Baseball team)
St. Louis Cardinals (Baseball team)
Atlanta Braves (Baseball team)
Bradentown Field (Bradenton, Fla.)
Atlanta (Ga.). Police Dept.
University of Georgia (Athens, Ga.)
Savannah (Ga.). Office of the Mayor
Bacon Park Golf Course (Savannah, Ga.)
Bell Auditorium (Augusta, Ga.)
Paine College (Augusta, Ga.)
Elkhart (Ind.). Office of the Mayor
Louisville (Ky.). Office of the Mayor
Kentucky. Office of the Governor
Louisville (Ky.). City Hall
Kentucky Commission on Human Rights
New Orleans (La.). City Hall
Louisiana. Supreme Court
Greyhound Bus Lines
Trailways Bus Lines
Glen Echo Amusement Park (Glen Echo, Md.)
Mississippi. Legislature. House of Representatives
United States. Commission on Civil Rights
Duke University (Durham, N.C.)
North Carolina College at Durham (Durham, N.C.)
Carolina Theatre (Durham, N.C.)
Center Theatre (Durham, N.C.)
Rockingham County Improvement League (Rockingham County, N.C.)
Mann's Cut Rate Store (Reidsville, N.C.)
Charlotte College (Charlotte, N.C.)
Carver College (Charlotte, N.C.)
Charlotte Rehabilitation Hospital (Charlotte, N.C.)
Anna Maude Cafeteria (Oklahoma City, Okla.)
Fisk University (Nashville, Tenn.)
Spelman College (Atlanta, Ga.)
Virginia Union University (Richmond, Va.)
Johnson C. Smith University (Charlotte, N.C.)
South Carolina. Department of Highways and Public Transportation. Division of Motor Vehicles
South Carolina State House (Columbia, S.C.)
Greenville Municipal Airport (Greenville, S.C.)
Morris College (Sumter, S.C.)
Alderman Drug Co. (Sumter, S.C.)
Lawson Pharmacy (Sumter, S.C.)
Carnegie Public Library (Sumter, S.C.)
Rogers Theater (Chattanooga, Tenn.)
Lane College (Jackson, Tenn.)
University of Texas at Austin (Austin Texas)
Texas Theatre (Austin Texas)
Majestic Theater (Dallas, Texas)
Palace Theater (Dallas, Texas)
Interstate Theaters, Inc.
Majestic Theater (San Antonio, Texas)
Loew's State Theatre (Houston, Texas)
Metropolitan Theatre (Houston, Texas)
Progressive Youth Association (Houston, Texas)
Rice University (Houston, Texas)
Union Station Coffee Shop (Houston, Texas)
University of Virginia (Charlottesville, Va.)
University Theater (Charlottesville, Va.)
Hampton Institute (Hampton, Va.)
Leggett's Department Store (Lynchburg, Va.)
Public Safety Building (Norfolk, Va.)
Miller and Rhoads (Roanoke, Va.)
Lee Junior High School (Roanoke, Va.)
Monroe Junior High School (Roanoke, Va.)
Melrose Elementary School (Roanoke, Va.)
West End Elementary School (Roanoke, Va.)
Encampment for Citizenship
Emergency Public Integration Committee (Cambridge, Mass.)
Southern Christian Leadership Conference
Highlander Folk School (Monteagle, Tenn.)
Congress of Racial Equality
United States. Supreme Court
Southwestern Bell Telephone Company
Reed College (Portland, Or.)
United States National Student Association
Mobile, Ala.
Montgomery, Ala.
Jacksonville, Ill.
Washington, D.C.
Miami, Fla.
Vero Beach, Fla.
St. Petersburg, Fla.
Augusta, Ga.
Athens, Ga.
Savannah, Ga.
Macon, Ga.
Elkhart, Ind.
Louisville, Ky.
New Orleans, La.
Montgomery County, Md.
Jackson, Miss.
Noxubee County, Miss.
St. Louis, Mo.
Flat River, Mo.
Kansas City, Mo.
Charlotte, N.C.
Durham, N.C.
Fayetteville, N.C.
Reidsville, N.C.
Raleigh, N.C.
Oklahoma City, Okla.
Rock Hill, S.C.
Columbia, S.C.
Greenville, S.C.
Sumter, S.C.
Chattanooga, Tenn.
Riggold, Ga.
Nashville, Tenn.
Jackson, Tenn.
Austin, Texas
Dallas, Texas
Houston, Texas
San Antonio, Texas
Charlottesville, Va.
Hampton, Va.
Lynchburg, Va.
Norfolk, Va.
Roanoke, Va.
New York, N.Y.
Puerto Rico
Chicago, Ill.
Cambridge, Mass.
Monteagle, Tenn.
Northern Ireland
Portland, Or.
Discrimination in public accomodations
Discrimination in Employment
Freedom rides
Jail no bail
political participation
School integration
Segregation--law and legislation
Segregation in transportation
Student movements
Code for Location of Original
Location of Original
Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers (Series I-IV), Martin Luther King, Jr., Center for Nonviolent Social Change, Inc., Atlanta, Ga.
Location of Original - Detail
Box 23, folder 16
Copy Location (1)
MCMLK-RWWL, Morehouse College Martin Luther King, Jr. Collection, Atlanta University Center, Robert W. Woodruff Library Archives and Special Collections, Atlanta, Ga.
Filing Info
Box 2, folder 9
Copy Location (2)
MLKPP, Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project, Stanford University, Stanford, Calif.
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11/4/2009 12:00:00 AM
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5/15/2018 dalai
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5/15/2018 8:38:28 AM
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Partial list of signers of Carl Braden clemency petition
[Carl Braden Clemency Appeal Committee]
Document Date
Document Type
Type of Writing
[Carl Braden Clemency Appeal Committee]
Document ID
Document Date
Type of Writing
Document Type
Cal. 7
Document Length
4 pp.
Document Note
Enclosed in 610817-011
Gomillioin, C. G.
Oliver, C. Herbert
Stokes, John C.
Beatson, James A.
Dennis, Eldon
McLoughlin, Emmett
Creger, Ralph
Strickland, Warren Lee
Sherman, O. L.
Ferry, W. H.
Boodlet, Carlton B.
Meiklejohn, Alexander
Phillips, Gifford
Shipler, Guy Emery
Howard, Dorothy
Lakin, R. D.
Boyle, Kay
Monsonis, James [National Student Christian Federation]
Pitt, Malcolm
Brock, Elmer Paul [Catholic Interracial Council]
Redding, Louis L.
Stephens, Donald
Brant, Irving
Marshall, C. Herbert [National Medical Association]
Matthews, W. W.
Reid, Frank Madison
Coe, John M.
Davis, Edward D. [Florida Voters League]
Gibson, Theodore
Hoke, Henry
Jackson, Ernest
Lang, H. Daniel
Lewis, Hal
Lowry, A. Leon
Blackburn, Burr
Cahill, Edward A.
Dobbs, John Wesley [Georgia Voters League]
Green, S. L.
Wilkins, Josphine
Bonslog, Garriet
Solomon, E. P.
Abner, Willoughby [International Union, United Automobile Workers of America (CIO)]
Boxley, Harold A.
Schomer, Howard
Mackay, Roland P.
Waters, Enoch P.
Barton, Thomas
Schulze, Andrew [Lutheran Human Relations Association of America]
Womack, A. W.
Allen, Jay T.
Fouke, Hugh B.
Parsons, Howard
Werkman, C. H.
Burres, Paul W.
Findley, W. Cecil [Manhattan Committee on Human Relations]
Chambers, John S.
Reeves, J. E.
Smyth, Lewis S. C.
Stanley, Frank
Webster, Harvey Curtis
Gandy, Samuel L.
Jordan, Frederick D.
Smith, Benjamin E.
Bouttee, Edwin J.
D'Orlando, Albert
Rnderson, Robert J.
Melnic, Jacob
Scott, Bertram D.
Throckmorton, Burton H.
Gill, Robert L.
Hollander, Sidney
Smith, Nathan
Dietel, William M [Amherst College]
Allport, Gordon W.
Handlin, Oscar
Parsons, J. Tim [Amherst Students for Racial Equality]
Whitsett, Daniel C.
Broadhead, Russell
Crane, Henry Hitt
Cranefield, Harold
Nunn, Guy
Parks, Rosa
Raskin, Marvel [Michigan Friends of the South]
Read, Larence F.
Ross, S. D.
Birkeland, Birdeen
Gleason, Patrick
Hedlund, George
Hnderson, William [Student Action for Human Rights]
Gilliam, James C.
Jones, W. A. [Lauderdale County Democratic Club]
Melchor, John C.
Stanton, R. L.
Cox, Oliver C.
Hackett, Allen
Minor, R. Clyde
Holtz, Ronald W.
Wankel, A. N.
Beutel, Frederick K.
Cronon, David
Aylsworth, Leon E.
Frank, Franz
Clark, Grenville
Barr, Stringfellow
Ciardi, John
Collier, Benjamin A. [Patterson Committee on Human Relations]
Kellmer, Lawrence
Tillett, Paul
Byner, Witter
Stevens, J. Paul
Baldwin, James
Black, Algernon D.
Bolin, Jane N.
Bower, Warren [New York University]
Brown, William C.
Carey, Gordon R.
Davis, Ossie
Frank, Waldo
Geismar, Maxwell
Graham, F. P.
Hassler, Alfred
Kasin, Alfred
Kirchwey, Freda
Knedler, J. W. [New York University]
Kunstler, William
Lane, Mark
Livingston, Goodhue
McWilliams, Carey
Niebuhr, Reinhold
Offutt, Walter P.
Polier, Justine Wise
Shinn, Roger L.
Smiley, Glenn E.
Waring, Waties
Williams, David Rys
Davis, Grady W.
Greene, George R.
Jones, Charles M.
O'Brien, Joseph
Rhine, J. B.
Sinkins, George C.
White, Robert M.
Randolph, Harland
Templin, Ralph T.
Tilson, C. Everett
Atkins, Charles N.
Bragg, Arthur N.
Breeding, Corinne
Moon, T. D. [Oklahoma Association of Teachers]
Stewart, James E.
Bellinger, Ivan
Chamberlin, Mark
Kirkendall, Lester
Arnet, Katharine M. [Women's International Lague for Peace and Freedom]
Bauer, E. Carol [Mayor's Commission on Human Relations]
Blackburn, Robert W. [Citizen's Committee on Public Education]
Culberson, George W. [Pittsburgh Methodist Board of Christian Social Concerns]
Olmsted, MIldred Scott
Penney, Marjorie [Fellowship House]
Prattis, P. L.
Rawlins, Gladys D. [Committee on Race Relations, Society of Friends]
Rhodes, E. Washington
Roberts, Lenerte
Perry, Thoas
Simons, Nancy A.
Calhoun, Arthur W.
Culbertson, John Bolt
Nesbitt, Charles F.
Simkins, Modjeska
Talbot, Ellen B.
Barker, Lincoln
Hoff, Pauline
Young, Charles L.
Barry, Marion
Bunton, Henry Clay
Butler, Washington
Dennison, Doris
Ford, Erlander
Graves, George
Hyatte, C. L.
James, R. E.
Jones, Arthur W.
Long, Herman H. (Herman Hodge)
Maarion, John H.
Morgan, Hugh J.
Palmer, Robert C.
Proudfoot, C. M. [Knoxville College]
Rolins, J. M.
Sanders, Odell
Childers, R. A.
Davidson, Franklin C. [Students for Direct Action]
Davis, Sherwood S.
Munro, Harry C.
Raible, Robert
Schug, Phillip
Taylor, Todd James
Wesley, Carter
Warner, A. E. [Negro Chamber of Commerce]
Logan, C. Sumpter
Otto, Sarah
Ladd, Percy C.
Williams, Norman R.
Alexander, Wilma Straus
Brooke, W. Carroll
Finger, Frank W.
Fitzgerald, Garriet
Griffin, L. Francis [Prince Edward County Christian Association]
Guild, June Purcell
Henderson, Edwin B.
Holt, Leonard w.
Newman, Samuel
Ransome, W. L.
Scull, David
Thompson, W. Hale
Thornton, Virginius B.
tucker, Otto L.
Ball, George H.
Caughlan, John
Griffiths, Gordon
Krieger, Alex
Walker, Leonard A.
Goldsborough, Charlotte Pendelton
Hupp, James L.
Lee, Edmund J.
Ogden, Dunbar H.
Taylor, Leland H.
Wallace, William
Fleishaker, Oscar
Rademacher, Oscar
Rice, William G.
Schumacker, Earl F.
Lowery, Joseph E.
National Student Christian Federation
Catholic Interracial Council
National Medical Association
Florida Voters League
Georgia Voters League
International Union, United Automobile Workers of America (CIO)
Lutheran Human Relations Association of America
Manhattan Committee on Human Relations
Amherst College
Amherst Students for Racial Equality
Michigan Friends of the South
Student Action for Human Rights
Lauderdale County Democratic Club
Patterson Committee on Human Relations
New York University
Fellowship of Reconciliation
Oklahoma Association of Teachers
Women's International Lague for Peace and Freedom
Mayor's Commission on Human Relations
Citizen's Committee on Public Education
Pittsburgh Methodist Board of Christian Social Concerns
Fellowship House
Committee on Race Relations, Society of Friends
Knoxville College
Students for Direct Action
Negro Chamber of Commerce
Prince Edward County Christian Association
Southern Christian Leadership Conference--relations with other organizations
Code for Location of Original
Location of Original
Southern Christian Leadership Conference Records, 1954-1970, Martin Luther King, Jr., Center for Nonviolent Social Change, Inc., Atlanta, Ga.
Location of Original - Detail
Box 34, folder 17
Copy Location (1)
MLKPP, Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project, Stanford University, Stanford, Calif.
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6/4/2013 12:00:00 AM
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6/5/2013 dbeals
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