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''Church affiliates''
Southern Christian Leadership Conference
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Southern Christian Leadership Conference
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Cal. 7
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Enclosed in 620718-005
Chestang, D.D. [Alabama Civic Affairs Association]
Seay, S. S. (Solomon Snowden) [Montgomery Improvement Association]
Steele, C. Kenzie [Inter Civic Council of Tallahassee (ICC)]
White, Charlie [Non-Partisan Registration Committee]
Alexander, Avery [Consumer's League of Greater New Orleans]
Simpkins, C. O. [United Christian Movment, Inc.]
James, Robert [Tennessee Christian Leadership Council]
Smith, Kelly Miller [Nashville Christian Leadership Council]
Gunter, David [Petersburg Improvement Association]
Reid, Milton A. [First Baptist Church]
Bryant, C.C. [Waverly Christian Leadership Council]
Williams, Hosea [Southeastern Georgia Crusade for Voters]
Harris, Curtis [Hopewell Improvement Association]
Wood, Virgil [Lynchburg Improvement Association]
McClain, Curtis [Frontiersman Club]
Howard, E. M. [Far North Christian Leadership Conference]
Burton, E. P. [Mississippi Regional Council of Negro Leadership]
Griffin, L. Francis [Prince Edward County Christian Association]
Dunlap, A. I. [Danville Progressive Civic Association]
Shortridge, W. E. [Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights (ACMHR)]
Smith, E. C. [Virginia Baptist State Convention]
Bentley, J. C. [New Brooklyn Baptist Church]
James, A. Lincoln [Greater Bethesda Baptist Church (Chicago, Ill.)]
Lasley, A. R. [Virginia Street Baptist Church (Hopkinsville, Ky.)]
Dunston, S. G. [Reedy Creek Missionary Baptist Association (Louisburg, N.C.)]
Odoms, G. J. [Bethlehem Baptist Church (Columbia, S.C.)]
Gordon, M. [First Calvary Baptist Church (Columbia, S.C.)]
Rhodes, James W. [Interdenominational Ministers Alliance (Columbia, S.C.)]
Bowman, W. M. [Second Nazareth Baptist Church (Orangeburg, S.C.)]
McCollom, Matthew [Trinity Methodist Church (Orangeburg, S.C.)]
Burrell, M. C. [Mount Zion Baptist Church (Winsboro, S.C.)]
Jones, M. J. [Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance (Chattangooga, Tenn.)]
Morris, Hill [New Ebenezer Baptist Church (Columbia, S.C.)]
Bryant, C. Z. [Case Methodist Church (Columbia, S.C.)]
Johnson, L. C. [Mount Olive Baptist Church (Petersburg, Va.)]
Reid, Milton A. [Rocky Branch Baptist Church (Petersburg, Va.]
Williams, R. G. [Zion Baptist Church (Petersburg, Va.)]
Jordan, C. H. [Third Baptist Church (Portsmouth, Va.)]
Word, C. J. [East-End Baptist Church (Suffolk, Va.)]
Lamb, D. W. [Metropolitan Baptist Church (Suffolk, Va.)]
Sims, Paul A.
Hamilton, J. B. [Mount Zion Baptist Church (Charlottesville, Va.)]
Henderson, J. B. [Bank Street Baptist Church (Norfolk, Va.)]
McInnis, O. W. [First Church of Christ (Norfolk, Va.)]
Robertson, Robert D. [National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)]
Robertson, Roberta E. [National Council of Negro Women]
Freeman, J. Jasper [Queen Street Baptist Church (Norfolk, Va.)]
Hamilton, W. L. [Shiloh Baptist Church (Norfolk, Va.)]
Carter, Harold A. [Court Street Baptist Church (Lynchburg, Va.)]
King, D. E. (Dearine Edwin) [Zion Baptist Church (Louisville, Ky.)]
Hooks, B. J. [Greater Midde Baptist Church (Memphis, Tenn.)]
Williams, Samuel S. [Friendship Baptist Church (Atlanta, Ga.)]
Williams, V. T. [First Baptist Church (Baltimore, Md.)]
Alabama Civic Affairs Association
Montgomery Improvement Association
Inter Civic Council of Tallahassee (ICC)
Non-Partisan Registration Committee
Consumer's League of Greater New Orleans
United Christian Movment, Inc.
Tennessee Christian Leadership Council
Nashville Christian Leadership Council
Petersburg Improvement Association
Waverly Christian Leadership Council
Southeastern Georgia Crusade for Voters
Hopewell Improvement Association
Lynchburg Improvement Association
Frontiersman Club
Far North Christian Leadership Conference
Mississippi Regional Council of Negro Leadership
Prince Edward County Christian Association
Danville Progressive Civic Association
Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights (ACMHR)
Virginia Baptist State Convention
New Brooklyn Baptist Church
Greater Bethesda Baptist Church (Chicago, Ill.)
Virginia Street Baptist Church (Hopkinsville, Ky.)
Reedy Creek Missionary Baptist Association (Louisburg, N.C.)
Bethlehem Baptist Church (Columbia, S.C.)
First Calvary Baptist Church (Columbia, S.C.)
Interdenominational Ministers Alliance (Columbia, S.C.)
Second Nazareth Baptist Church (Orangeburg, S.C.)
Trinity Methodist Church (Orangeburg, S.C.)
Mount Zion Baptist Church (Winsboro, S.C.)
Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance (Chattangooga, Tenn.)
New Ebenezer Baptist Church (Columbia, S.C.)
Case Methodist Church (Columbia, S.C.)
Mount Olive Baptist Church (Petersburg, Va.)
Rocky Branch Baptist Church (Petersburg, Va.)
Zion Baptist Church (Petersburg, Va.)
Third Baptist Church (Portsmouth, Va.)
East-End Baptist Church (Suffolk, Va.)
Metropolitan Baptist Church (Suffolk, Va.)
Mount Zion Baptist Church (Charlottesville, Va.)
Bank Street Baptist Church (Norfolk, Va.)
First Church of Christ (Norfolk, Va.)
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
National Council of Negro Women (Norfolk, Va.)
Queen Street Baptist Church (Norfolk, Va.)
Shiloh Baptist Church (Norfolk, Va.)
Court Street Baptist Church (Lynchburg, Va.)
Zion Baptist Church (Louisville, Ky.)
Greater Midde Baptist Church (Memphis, Tenn.)
Friendship Baptist Church (Atlanta, Ga.)
First Baptist Church (Baltimore, Md.)
Diamond Hill Baptist Church (Lynchburg, Va.)
Southern Christian Leadership Conference--relations with other organizations
Southern Christian Leadership Conference--organizational structure
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Southern Regional Council Papers, Atlanta University Center, Robert W. Woodruff Library Archives and Special Collections, Atlanta, Ga.
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Reel 173
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MLKPP, Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project, Stanford University, Stanford, Calif.
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9/2/2004 12:00:00 AM
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4/6/2014 9:32:44 AM
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